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Firm Overview

Serving all of Western Kentucky Since 1980

I began the practice of law in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky, in May 1980, as a partner in the law firm Miller Lamkin Attorneys at Law. The senior partner, Robert O. Miller, was a long-serving County Attorney and County Judge Executive, and I practiced with Bob Miller in a general practice of law until 1987, when Mr. Miller returned to the office of Calloway County Attorney. Thereafter, I partnered with Joe Bolin in the firm of Bolin and Lamkin from 1987 until 1989. In 1989, I relocated my practice to 304 Maple Street, Murray, Kentucky, and I have been in a solo practice with various associates over the years from 1989 until the present period.

My practice has grown over the years with concentration in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, products for liability, criminal defense, all types of family law – including wills, estates, and trusts – and civil litigation. My firm is big enough to have the resources to pursue matters throughout the Western Kentucky area but never too big to not be able to give my clients the personal attention they deserve.


The success of my practice in recovering damage for victims of personal injury and wrongful death has led to frequent recommendations and referrals from clients and other attorneys. Many of my clients are the families and friends of previous clients, who have had such a positive experience that they trusted me with the people they care about most. I also work with other lawyers and law firms as co-counsel under various arrangements that satisfy the rules governing trial attorneys in the state of Kentucky or other applicable jurisdictions.

Affording the Cost of Personal Injury Litigation

Many personal injury victims are already worried about the cost of their injury, wage loss, medical bills and related expenses. As the medical bills pour in and mortgages go unpaid because of missed work, many believe they can't afford the expense of hiring a lawyer. At my practice, I handle all injury, death, or products cases on a contingency-fee basis, which means I only get paid when the case is successful. In other words, when you receive compensation for your injury – either by winning a trial or accepting a settlement offer – your attorney receives a percentage. If there is no recovery, you pay to me no fee or cost. As an established law firm, we have the recourses to cover the cost of personal injury litigation up front. We hire experts to help us build strong cases, we conduct depositions, and we review extensive files. These expenses are covered by our firm. Contact us at 270-753-1737 or